Book Addi 800 for your mix now!

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Happy news! Addi 800 has now opened the doors (well, it's only one door to be honest, and he closes it when he is working) to his spiffy new 5.1 mixing room. We'll post some good pictures from it later, as soon as we find the time to prance around with a good camera. We will probably even have to write a GearPorn™ post about it for the technically inclined.

It's full of shiny state-of-the-art equipment, but none more important than his highly trained and experienced ears. Even we, gearsluts that we are, have to admit that even the best of gear doesn't make good music by itself. We still need humans. And coffee.

All this is great news for the Icelandic music scene that continues relying on Addi's talent on countless projects. But this could also be great news for you if you make music, because from now on you can book Addi for your mixes right here, right now...whenever you read this.

Drop us an email .:here:. for your inquiries, and we'll get back to you with prices and availability. If you always wanted to visit Reykjavík, we'll help you find accommodation, and if you want to work remotely on the internets, that works fine as well. Technology is our friend. Want to try out just one song first? No problem. Just get in touch already...