Success for music produced by Arnar

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In 2013, Arnar (far left, holding a newly acquired award) produced and mixed an album for talented new Icelandic band Kaleo. The product of this labour, debut album Kaleo, was released in december to great acclaim and good sales.

As the award season begins, things are looking good. Kaleo already got 'Best newcomers' at the Icelandic Music Awards, and no less than 3 awards at the Bylgjan Radio Music Awards, Best Newcomers, Best New Album, and Best  Singer. You can see their performance at that award ceremony .:here:.

It's worth mentioning that Arnar also produced and mixed the winning Icelandic entry in the 2014 ESC competition, No Prejudice, which you can enjoy .:here:. 

In addition to album production for other bands and commercials with us, Arnar is now working on his first solo album, the exciting details of which will soon be revealed here. Onwards and upwards!

3 singles worthy of your attention

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3 singles
Here is somelovely  new music for you:

Breaking a long silence, Leaves released a new single today, the first from an upcoming (rather great) album. For those of you that do not know,  Medialux Artist Arnar fronts the band. Lovely piece of rock, as we're sure you will agree. 'The Sensualist':

Now, Eberg is working on his fourth solo album. Here is a song that promises that we have something to look forward to, here is 'Long Since I Have Felt This Good':

Last but not least, Toggi breaks the silence since the release of Wonderful Secrets, and records a new track with Bjarki. In his own words: 'For those waiting for some new music from yours truly, here's a cover I did of a song by Kiss the Coyote from their self-titled debut album .:Listen to it here:.My drummer, Grímsi (who fronts Kiss the Coyote) wrote this song and I provided the lyrics. I love the song, so I had to do my own version of it. It's available for download, completely free. Hope you like it.'

Here is 'As Good As It Can Get': 

'Þetta Reddast' premieres - Music by Arnar

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Þetta Reddast (e. Rock Bottom), a film by Börkur Gunnarsson has opened in theatres in Iceland, mostly  to 4 star reviews. The film is a dramatic comedy about a journalist who has fallen from grace because of his excessive drinking and decides to salvage his relationship with a romantic weekend. When that very weekend his editor decides to give him one last chance and sends him to investigate an incident at a dam, he makes the fateful mistake of bringing his girlfriend along. 

wrote the original soundtrack to the film, his first feature film score.  

Here is the theatrical trailer:

And here are some selected cues from the film. Enjoy!

Addi 800 mixes Diego Buongiorno's 'The Bush'

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The Bush is an innovative project of narrative music conceived, written, composed, arranged and produced by composer Diego Buongiorno. It's scheduled for a release in December 2012. And it's of course being mixed here in Iceland by Addi 800, in his studio, Room 313

In the words of the composer himself: 'The Bush embodies a new approach to the creative process crossing Music, Art and Technology in a contemporary product that you can not define only as a musical album. As a project, The Bush hosts more than 50 people from all over the world, including international musicians, artists and designers; it really is a complex and complete opera, an epic journey through Art and Music'.

Not only that, but it's going to sound great. It will feature (amongst others) The Irrepressibles, Clare & the Reasons, Jo Hamilton and Sabina Sciubba from Brazilian Girls.

Some of the many artists involved are Icelandic, The Bush will feature strings from our friends Amiina, drummer Einar Scheving, the SJS Brass section, Arnar plays bass on some tracks, and Don Pedro even plays a tormented guitar on one of the songs. 

If you are curious and want to know more, go to Diego's Facebook page, where you will find very interesting footage and documentation from the creation of the project.

Björk's Biophilia mastered in Room 313

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Björk is without any question Iceland's biggest name in music. Her innovative style and unique voice have generated the respect and admiration of millions of fans worldwide. Biophilia is right out there on the cutting edge of music, media and musical ambition. 

Well, we could go on and on, but there are many people out on the interwebs who can write clever things about the album, which has received rave reviews and a BRIT nomination. 

What makes this special for us is that the album was mastered by Mandy Parnell in Addi 800's studio Room 313, with his engineering help.

Mandy is a real veteran, you should check out her work .:here:. Better still; she is also very nice to work with and to have around.

Adding Biophilia to the project list of any studio is of course a great compliment to both technicians and facilities. Which is, honestly, why we are pointing it out here.

Here are a couple of articles about these hectic days in Room 313 in publications that cater to pro audio nerds:

Music Producers Guild: Mandy Parnell travels to Iceland to master Björk's 'Biophilia' album
Sound On Sound: Mastering Björk's Biophilia

Organic music for Icelandic Vegetables

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Eberg, along with collaborator Petur Ben, wrote and produced this summery and organic jingle for the Icelandic Vegatable Board, assisted by the angelic voice of Elín Ey.

The ad was produced by Smalinn & Sons for Íslenska, and directed by Hannes Thor. Very lovely, we hope you agree:

Here is a longer version of the song, including a chorus, for your enjoyment:

Now. We're not totally finished with the collaboration between Eberg and Pétur Ben, because these two have just finished an album.

We've heard it, and it is, quite frankly, splendid. We would like to enforce that opinion with an example, here is Numbers Game. Put that in your ears for now, and get ready for the album.

Speaking of Gísli Galdur...

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As mentioned here, Gísli Galdur is already working with us on new projects, but as they are still some time away from being aired, we wanted to show you a great video in the meantime.

Gísli composed this track for Design March 2011. Director was Ragnar Agnarsson for Sagafilm. A great example of music and film working together, if you ask us...

Feldberg 'Sparkle' - listen here, now!

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Dynamic pop duo Feldberg have just finished their latest single, entitled 'Sparkle', and we thought you might like to give it a listen.

Sparkle started out as a song for a this beautiful ad for Goldheart Diamonds, directed By Lalli Jonsson for Playfilm and DDB Singapore. He got Eberg to produce a track for it, and the result was Sparkle, which now sees the light of day as a full length single.

Enjoy, and remember to check out Feldberg .:here:. and .:here:.