Eberg releases 'Antidote' in Japan

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Well, we promised to update you on the release on Eberg's new album, so here goes:

'Antidote' will see it's first release in Japan, it will be released on the 11th of February under the flag of music label Rallye. Rallye also distributed Eberg's last Album 'Voff Voff' in Japan.

Releasing an album in Japan traditionally means several bonus tracks, and specially designed artwork. Japanese fans should not have to be disappointed at all when it comes to this release. First, let's talk artwork. Renowned illustrator Ryoji Arai designed a magnificent cover for 'Voff Voff':

Luckily enough he also agreed to work on Antidote, and the result is really fun and pleasing to the eye:

Well, to celebrate the release we bring you, courtesy of Eberg himself, a new song 'One Step At The Time' Free to download. Yep, you heard right, Free. Listen here:

Click to download your free copy .:here:.

The bonus tracks are exiting. Returning visitors will perhaps remember this catchy little tune, composed for Kringlan shopping mall, and sung by Rosa, known for her great work with Sometime. Well, that song now exists as a full single in a japanese version, sung by popular japanese singer Cokiyu.The new version is called 'Himitsu No Hako' which literally translates 'a box of secrets'.

Add to that a spanking new version of Kinks 'All day and all of the night' sung by Jan Mayen's Valli. Valli also performed a guitar solo on the track, the first guitar solo on an Eberg track, a historic moment indeed. Checkit:

We will bring you news of releases in other countries as they unfold. In the meantime: Eberg Fan Page on Facebook