The Feldberg Connection

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Remember this song for Kringlan Shopping Mall?

Well, as some of you might know, it turned out to be a very popular single, which has now been released in 2 languages.

It didn't take long for Eberg and vocalist Rosa to join forces again, this time for a Nova Telecom spot, directed By Arni Jonsson for Republik and agency Dagur&Steini.

The inevitable happened. Feldberg was born.

The pressure to release the song as a single soon became enormous, and when this is written 'Don't be a stranger' has stayed for 4 weeks on the top 10 list, with now real signs of being on it's way out anytime soon.

Check out the commercial, and you will understand why. Very catchy indeed. This is one of the many happy collaborations where a commercial gives a song it's wings so that it can take off itself.

You can buy the full song .:here:. And yes, Feldberg are now working on a studio album, of which you will of course receive more news here.