Success for music produced by Arnar

In 2013, Arnar (far left, holding a newly acquired award) produced and mixed an album for talented new Icelandic band Kaleo. The product of this labour, debut album Kaleo, was released in december to great acclaim and good sales.

As the award season begins, things are looking good. Kaleo already got 'Best newcomers' at the Icelandic Music Awards, and no less than 3 awards at the Bylgjan Radio Music Awards, Best Newcomers, Best New Album, and Best  Singer. You can see their performance at that award ceremony .:here:.

It's worth mentioning that Arnar also produced and mixed the winning Icelandic entry in the 2014 ESC competition, No Prejudice, which you can enjoy .:here:. 

In addition to album production for other bands and commercials with us, Arnar is now working on his first solo album, the exciting details of which will soon be revealed here. Onwards and upwards!