Arnar - Artist Profile

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Arnar started playing guitar when he was 10 years old, recording his own songs on an old stereo. He formed his first band when he was 12 years old, a death-metal band called Inflammatory. Shortly after he fell in love with the Beatles and his death-metal carrier ended abruptly.

He studied classical singing for 4 years. In 2001 he formed a band called Leaves, who in the year 2002 released their debut album Breathe, receiving great reviews in magazines like NME, Q-magazine, Uncut and Rolling Stone. Title song 'Breathe' was used in an episode of OC (Orange County), and another song, 'Epitaph' was used in the Icelandic film Fálkar. Their second album The Angela test (2005) was released by Island records in the UK, and 'We are Shadows' was released in 2009.

Arnar was voted best male singer at the Icelandic Music Awards 2002.

Arnar is very prolific. He has composed and produced music to TV films and video art, worked with a huge selection of artists on various projects, and recorded and produced records for other artists. And he has made great music for commercials and documentaries with us. 

You can visit his own site .:here:.


Bjarki - Artist Profile

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Bjarki started programming and tweaking buttons at a young age, after inheriting his brother's keyboard and record collection.
Throughout his teen years, while taking classical piano lessons, he was heavily involved with many dance projects, producing and programming several hits. He has worked with many of the finest artists in Iceland. In some cases his involvement has included extensive touring, but mostly studio work and programming. Lately he has found him self busy doing music for commercials, TV and even sound effects for computer software.
Bjarki is a bona fide gearslut, and uses every opportunity to run music through his vintage keyboards and outboard, to find new creative sounds for the sonic landscapes of his projects. His vast production experience makes him a key player in our team.
Here is a shortlist of some of his work:
Móa – Programming, recording and live band
Páll Óskar – Writing, programming and producing
Bellatrix – Programming and co-producing
Bang Gang - Programming
Nylon - Programming
Scope – Writing, programming and producing
Mind In Motion – writing, programming and producing
Icelandic Conspiracy – writing, programming and producing
Northern Lights Orchestra (NLO) – writing, programming and producing
Toggi – programming, recording and producing
Space Man Spliff – writing, programming and producing
Selma - programming
Silvia Night – programming
And here are some examples:

Medialux Artist Profile - Bjarki by Medialux

Don Pedro - Artist Profile

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Don Pedro
is the artist name of Petur Jonsson. Or Pétur Sigurþór Jónsson, if you can pronounce that.

Petur started studying music at the tender age of ten, and started touring professionally when he was seventeen. He played lead guitar during the glorious time when long poodle hair and nicely tapped guitar solos reigned and would theoretically get you laid.

When that period came to a screeching halt, he focused on studying film-making in Italy, returned to Iceland, started a production company with a childhood friend, and started directing and producing commercials. Hundreds of commercials later he started missing music so much that he sold the company, started Medialux and built a studio where he has since ben trying to combine his passion for music with his production expertise.

Petur has worked as producer and composer on many big name commercials, as well as on several music projects, both Icelandic and international. He is a passionate guitar and recording gear nut and likes working on different and varied music and production styles and creative sound design. He also likes making good food. 

Eberg - Artist Profile

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is Einar Tönsberg, a really prolific multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer and composer.

He has released three solo albums to rave reviews. Thus his music found its way into films and TV series like 'The O.C' and 'Veronica Mars' and even inte the very first iPhone ad, aired during the 79th Academy Awards™. 

Eberg is also one half of the duet Feldberg. Feldberg have released one album ('Don't Be A Stranger') that quickly got nominated for three Icelandic Music Awards, and their song Dreamin' effortlessly won Best Song.

He has also released an album with his friend Pétur Ben, you can check out 'Numbers Game' .:here:.

Eberg has written and produced great music for TV shows, motion pictures and ads. And here is some of his recent work for you to check out:



Gísli Galdur - Artist Profile

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Gísli Galdur, also known as DJ Magic is a musician, a DJ and producer.

Gísli has been a member of numerous popular Icelandic bands such as Trabant, Motion Boys and Ghostigital and collaborated with others, including Quarashi and Jagúar. Despite his young age, he has played hundreds of concerts and dj gigs all around the world.

Recent projects include HumanWoman - a collaboration with Sexy Lazer, as well as remixes for Hjaltalín and Gusgus to name just two.

It doesn't stop here. Gísli has worked a lot in theater, snatching the Icelandic Theatre Award for sound and music in 2009 for his work in the play Húmanimal. 

Lately he has been doing more and more commercials, hence his collaboration with us. Examples of this work can be found in his playlist.

Gísli Galdur is a master of several instruments and has a pretty versatile style. His music is often electronic, but he loves to mix genres and explore new territories. A true connoisseur of good sound and production, he has a very good nose for mood, rhythm and melody. He is also a gearslut, which makes him blend in very nicely with the rest of the Medialux team.

Check out Gísli's .:Facebook Page here:.

Recent work:


Ólafur Arnalds - Artist Profile

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Ólafur Arnalds
Ólafur Arnalds is a versatile and prolific multi-instrumentalist, producer and BAFTA awarded composer that has released three studio albums, several EPs, toured the world and written music to major motion pictures, TV shows and commercials.

He has also embarked on very interesting composition projects like Found Songs and Living Room songs, which have lead to major social media acclaim and have helped building him a huge international fan base.

Ólafur's has scored: Broadchurch (TV series), Another Happy Day, Gimme Shelter, Invisible Front, Órói (Jitters) and Vonarstræti (Life in a fishbowl).

His music has been used in films, TV shows and trailers such as The Hunger Games (film), 300: Rise of an Empire (film), Looper (trailer), Adore (trailer) So You Think You Can Dance (TV show), Masters of Sex (TV show) and for Unicef, Icelandair, Calvin Klein and Apple.

He is currently signed with Universal Music's Mercury Classics, hard at work following up his latest album, 'For Now I am Winter', when not composing for the screen.

Get the latest news straight from the source from his website, his Twitter or Facebook feed. 

Here are some projects Ólafur has worked on with us:

Stöð 2 | Channel 2 - Enjoy life!

Samgöngustofa & Vínbúðin - One drink is one too many:

Vodafone - Communication:

Arion Bank - Business:

Síminn, Icelandic Telecom - More Iceland:

Okkar Life Insurance:

And here is some of Olafur's released work:

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