Gísli Galdur - Artist Profile

Gísli Galdur, also known as DJ Magic is a musician, a DJ and producer.

Gísli has been a member of numerous popular Icelandic bands such as Trabant, Motion Boys and Ghostigital and collaborated with others, including Quarashi and Jagúar. Despite his young age, he has played hundreds of concerts and dj gigs all around the world.

Recent projects include HumanWoman - a collaboration with Sexy Lazer, as well as remixes for Hjaltalín and Gusgus to name just two.

It doesn't stop here. Gísli has worked a lot in theater, snatching the Icelandic Theatre Award for sound and music in 2009 for his work in the play Húmanimal. 

Lately he has been doing more and more commercials, hence his collaboration with us. Examples of this work can be found in his playlist.

Gísli Galdur is a master of several instruments and has a pretty versatile style. His music is often electronic, but he loves to mix genres and explore new territories. A true connoisseur of good sound and production, he has a very good nose for mood, rhythm and melody. He is also a gearslut, which makes him blend in very nicely with the rest of the Medialux team.

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