Bjarki - Artist Profile

Bjarki started programming and tweaking buttons at a young age, after inheriting his brother's keyboard and record collection.
Throughout his teen years, while taking classical piano lessons, he was heavily involved with many dance projects, producing and programming several hits. He has worked with many of the finest artists in Iceland. In some cases his involvement has included extensive touring, but mostly studio work and programming. Lately he has found him self busy doing music for commercials, TV and even sound effects for computer software.
Bjarki is a bona fide gearslut, and uses every opportunity to run music through his vintage keyboards and outboard, to find new creative sounds for the sonic landscapes of his projects. His vast production experience makes him a key player in our team.
Here is a shortlist of some of his work:
Móa – Programming, recording and live band
Páll Óskar – Writing, programming and producing
Bellatrix – Programming and co-producing
Bang Gang - Programming
Nylon - Programming
Scope – Writing, programming and producing
Mind In Motion – writing, programming and producing
Icelandic Conspiracy – writing, programming and producing
Northern Lights Orchestra (NLO) – writing, programming and producing
Toggi – programming, recording and producing
Space Man Spliff – writing, programming and producing
Selma - programming
Silvia Night – programming
And here are some examples:

Medialux Artist Profile - Bjarki by Medialux