Addi 800 - Artist Profile

When you do everything you can to make a piece of music sound as great as possible, there is a vital link in the chain that shouldn't go unnoticed. And it won't, at least not here. Mixing.

Saying that Addi 800 has had a final hand in almost all significant icelandic music projects in Iceland the last decade or so is probably not exaggerating. Albums, films, documentaries, 5.1 concerts and commercials, he's done it all. We were tempted to post his client list here, but it is too long and would bore you, and we won't have that. 

We will tell you that he has worked with Björk, Sigur Rós, Morten Harket,  Gus Gus, Blur, Laura Votilaten, Mimas,  Jive Jones, Dad Rocks and Mezzoforte and worked alongside Tom Lord-Alge, William Orbit, Steve Albini, Mick Glossop and Stephen Street, because we know you like to know impressive stuff like that.

He has recorded and mixed all over the world, in famous and infamous studios, but even more importantly, he is an extremely likable guy with a strong passion for his work. And now, you can get him to mix your work as well, in his own great new studio, Room 313.

Contact him directly by clicking .:here:. for pricing and availability. Or say hi on his .:Facebook page:.