Toggi - Artist Profile

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Toggi was born in Iceland in 1979. Spending most of his childhood dreaming about being able to create music, he finally bought his first guitar at the age of 17. He slowly learned to play well enough to be able to write and perform music.

After spending years recording demo tapes using an old ghettoblaster, he decided to stop dreaming about being a famous musician. He became quite content with just playing the guitar and singing for himself, friends and family. But one day a friend decided that enough was enough, and practically dragged Toggi into a studio to record a song. The rest is history. One thing lead to another, Toggi's debut album "Puppy" was crafted and released september the 25th 2006. It was a big hit in Iceland, with both critics and the public. 
Toggi has an incredible talent for writing melodic songs of the highest quality, and we have brokered his music to clients such as Coca Cola, ReMax and Volkswagen. 

We recorded and published his sophomore record Wonderful Secrets. Check it out here: