Vodafone team up with Medialux - Big Time

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Vodafone just launched a new summer campaign for prepaid services, aimed at younger users, and masterminded by their agency Fíton.

This visually stunning commercial, directed by Reynir Lyngdal for Pegasus Productions, needed a fun and catchy dance track that would make even the most reluctant hips swing to the beat. 

Enter Sigga Þóra, who lent her vocals to BIG, a song written and produced by our own Don Pedro. Here is the result:

As soon as the campaign aired it was clear that there was a great demand for a full version of the song. So they went back to the studio and finished what they started, with help in the form of additional analogue synth tinkering by Bjarki.

Suzy Thunder was born, and BIG was made available to the dancing public :-)

Here you can listen to the full version of the song. Go ahead and dance, you know you want to: