Höllin premieres on RIFF, we did our bit...

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Höllin, a documentary about one of Reykjavík's most remarkable public building (our oldest indoor swimming pool) and it's visitors, premieres on the 23rd of September at the Reykjavík International Film Festival, RIFF.

The film, directed by Héðinn Halldórsson and Steindór Gunnar Steindórsson for Mont Productions will also be aired on Icelandic State Television (RÚV) in October, and hopefully in many other countries consequentially.

The film intimately portrays the spirit of this great house, it's staff, and the people who see it as a fixed point in their existence, and a center for their social life.

It's a great film, but you know us, we wouldn't be mentioning this if it wasn't for the fact that Bjarki wrote the music for it, and Don Pedro and Addi 800 took care of all audio post production from original sound design to the final mix. Our friends at Trickshot then took care of the video post production.

All this makes us extra proud of it, and we wish it all the best once it's out there, because we all left a little bit of us in it, and burned some midnight oil to get it ready in time. Go see it if you can. It's worth it.

And guys, that poster is so nice we don't have it in us to crop it, you'll just have to scroll a little harder: