Coca-Cola® U21 - Epic Soccer Music Please?

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Coca-Cola® proudly support the Icelandic national soccer team for the upcoming Under-21 European Football Championship.

As this was in no way intended to be a secret, Agency Vatikanið conceived a campaign featuring our most promising players in their natural habitat. The ad was directed by Hannes Thor, and produced by Smalinn&Sons.

We got the challenge to produce an epic football song, stadium style. Arnar took on the job, and delivered a song we have been chanting in the corridors since.

We then got the opportunity to sound design the spot as well, putting a lot of effort into letting sound design and music complement each other for a truly 'big' soundtrack. Not minimalistic work, this.

Now, we do this for a living, but there is something a little special about getting your work approved by one of the biggest brands in the world, when you are a small company In Iceland. And we think the spot turned out very nicely, don't you?