We release Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets'

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Toggi Wonderful Secrets

The big day has come, Wonderful Secrets is finished, ready, and available for you. Here is a bit of history:

Toggi has been a quite influential figure on the Icelandic music scene for the last 5 years, or since the release of his debut album Puppy late in 2006. The album received glowing reviews in the Icelandic press and sold well for a debut album. It spawned 4 crossover hits on Icelandic radio stations and was nominated to the Icelandic music awards (for best cover art, but a nomination is a nomination). Most of Toggi's adventures can be found on this site, just do a quick search...

Wonderful Secrets
has a bigger, more dynamic sound to it than Puppy, and takes quite a different direction lyricly. Where Puppy was more sincere and sweet, the new material has more humour in it and packs a heavier punch. It touches on darker themes, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, insecurities, death and of course, the Icelandic economic crisis. Each of the lyric stells a meaningful story, just as they should. 

We like extras and b-sides a lot ourselves, so with the 14 track 'Wonderful Secrets', you can purchase 12 song digital album titled 'Private Confessions & Clumsy Poetry', consisting of acoustic versions of popular songs, demos and b-sides. And if you are really clever, you can buy Puppy, Wonderful Secrets and 'Private Confessions And Clumsy Poetry' together in what is aptly named 'The Smart Bundle'. 

All songs (apart from the b-sides) are available as single downloads on iTunes, Bandcamp and tonlist.is. Physical CDs are only available in Iceland as per now, but you can order them directly if you send us an e-mail. Oh, and remember that some of the songs are still free on this site, .:such as this one:.

We hope you enjoy: