New trailer for 'Life in a Fishbowl'

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May sees the Icelandic opening of
Vonarstræti (e. Life in a Fishbowl), director Baldvin Z's second feature film, produced by Kisi Production. 

Life in a Fishbowl tells the tale of three very different people who have a lasting effect on one another, a writer drinking himself to death, a young single mom that works at a nursery school but turns tricks on the side to make ends meet, and a former professional soccer player that climbs up the totem pole in the world of banking while his family life crumbles beneath him.

The film will be scored by Ólafur Arnalds, but Don Pedro wrote the music to the main theatrical trailer, and sound design and mix for both theater and stereo release was in the capable hands of Addi 800. And here it is: