The soundtrack from Réttur / Case is out now

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The biggest commission we took on in 2015 was the soundtrack for psychological drama TV series Réttur, now distributed internationally by Red Arrow Entertainment under the name Case and hopefully coming to a TV screen near you, wherever you reside.

The 9 x 1 hour series is the latest drama from acclaimed Icelandic director Baldvin Z (Trapped, Life in a Fishbowl), produced by Sagafilm for Channel 2 in Iceland. 

Case premiered in late October 2015, dominating subscriber TV ratings while on air. Subsequently, the series received 8 nominations for the Icelandic Film and TV Academy Awards Eddan, including Scripted Series of the Year, best script, costumes, art direction, three best supporting actor and actress and best actress in a leading role.

The soundtrack album that follows here contains 18 tracks that are very dark and disturbing as befits this dramatic series. You can listen to the whole OST right here, stream it on Spotify, Purchase it on iTunes, Google Play and so on and so on. 

Over at our sister company Anthemico Records, we have Petur Jonsson sharing some thoughts on the making of the soundtrack and the philosophy behind it as well, for the curious among you.