Jobim classic for Landsbankinn

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When ENNEMM got the challenge to come up with a new campaign for Landsbankinn, they decided to focus on the bank's staff at your service. Directing duo Samuel & Gunnar shot a TV spot around the country in various branches of the bank. Which is where we come in.

When it came to music, the creative team opted for a low key and intimate local version of Águas de Março (Waters of March) by the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim. Don Pedro produced and performed the track to specifications and got vocalist Mr. Silla to lend her lovely voice to it.

The result can be seen here, and under the movie file you can enjoy the track itself in higher resolution and without sound effects.

Síminn - reinvention of a classic

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To people born in Iceland, the song 'Móðir' (that obviously means 'mother' for you that were not born on a cold rock in the atlantic ocean:-) performed by cult rock band Egó in the eighties has a respectable place amongst the greatest songs of that period. The lyrics ask a mother where her child is late at night. Highly appropriate for a campaign to protect children from the dangers of the internet. Siminn, Iceland's biggest telecom company started airing just such a campaign yesterday.

We got the challenging and fun task to make a new version of the song that would respect it's legacy, meanwhile working to bring drama and emotion to the beautiful spot, directed by award-winning directors Samuel & Gunnar for SagaFilm. All this commissioned by Siminn's agency of choice ENNEMM.

It was Arnar who got the task to produce, arrange and perform the new version. We think he did a marvelous job. The result is very cinematic, and adds power and weight to the strong visual content. But instead of reading about it, just take a look and judge for yourself:

Here is a full version of the song (special extended edition for you my friend) where Arnar sings the Chorus as well:

Toggi - Silly Old Song

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Today we proudly present to you Toggi's new single, 'Silly Old Song'.

The song was recorded in the same session as 'Wonderful', and we started work on overdubs and additional programming as soon as we released that song. There is a lot of post production work in this song, many many layers of soundscaping and vintage synths and studio goodies.

A fun trivial fact is that one of the most recognizable singers in the world sings a short backing vocal in the song. He made us swear that we wouldn't tell who he is so he wouldn't have problems with his label, but a well trained ear can hear it easily.

Silly Old Song is featured on 'Wonderful Secrets' :

New incarnation of a popular song

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'Þú komst við hjartað í mér' by Toggi and Páll Óskar was the number one hit in Iceland this summer, with 2 versions of the song fighting each other for first chart position.

We have covered the history of the song extensively .:here:., it might be worth a visit, or a re-visit.

Anyhow, here is the latest incarnation of the song, a version produced for Byr Saving Bank, performed by Páll Óskar himself, and produced by Don Pedro, who finally got to put his Guitalele to good use.  Reynir Lyngdal directed the spot for Pegasus, and the whole venture was conceived by Dynamo Reykjavík.

Here is a full version of the song:

Toggi's 'Wonderful' for VW Golf United spot

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This must be some kind of a record.

Not 24 hours after we finished mastering Toggi's new single 'Wonderful' it got snatched for a Volkswagen Golf United commercial.

This fresh still-motion spot was shot, directed and produced in-house at Fiton by Joi B, Hrafn Gunnarsson and Jari for VW distributor Hekla.

Wonderful is available on 'Wonderful Secrets', right here:

Letter From Egypt

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Today marks the release of Morten Harket's solo album "Letter From Egypt" in his home country Norway. Release in Germany will follow on the 30th of May.

We are very excited about this, as we lent a hand to three songs on the album. The single "Darkspace - You're with me", on which we worked, has already been 5 weeks on the Norwegian charts. We wish Morten and his management team all the best with the album, sucess would be deserved, as we know that this project is the fruit of intense work and almost unlimited passion.

We will post some anecdotes and details of our sessions here later. Unfortunately we didn't take a short moment off work to take pictures of the guys working together in our studio, instead we have for you the cover of the album:

Letter From Egypt

Check out Morten's homepage here.

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