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The biggest commission we took on in 2015 was the soundtrack for psychological drama TV series Réttur, now distributed internationally by Red Arrow Entertainment under the name Case and hopefully coming to a TV screen near you, wherever you reside.

The 9 x 1 hour series is the latest drama from acclaimed Icelandic director Baldvin Z (Trapped, Life in a Fishbowl), produced by Sagafilm for Channel 2 in Iceland. 

Case premiered in late October 2015, dominating subscriber TV ratings while on air. Subsequently, the series received 8 nominations for the Icelandic Film and TV Academy Awards Eddan, including Scripted Series of the Year, best script, costumes, art direction, three best supporting actor and actress and best actress in a leading role.

The soundtrack album that follows here contains 18 tracks that are very dark and disturbing as befits this dramatic series. You can listen to the whole OST right here, stream it on Spotify, Purchase it on iTunes, Google Play and so on and so on. 

Over at our sister company Anthemico Records, we have Petur Jonsson sharing some thoughts on the making of the soundtrack and the philosophy behind it as well, for the curious among you. 

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Arnar and Petur do 'ONE' for Icelandair

Icelandair - Welcome HomeIt is the season to think warmly of friends and family, whether they are with us or far away. And that's exactly what Icelandair's new campaign is all about. 

Truenorth's Samuel and Gunnar directed this lovely TV ad for agency Íslenska, for a campaign spearheaded by creatives Ragnar Jónsson and Kári Sævarsson. 

As for the music, Arnar and Don Pedro joined forces to create a cinematic version of Harry Nilsons 'One' to fit the mood of the commercial, sung by Arnar. 

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Channel 2 - Enjoy life!

Ólafur Arnalds
composed the music to this beautiful spot for Channel 2 or 
Stöð 2 as we know it here, the leading private television channel in Iceland. 

As you can easily see it's an ode to the enjoyment of life, whatever your preferences for fun may be. 

The spot, for 365's new campaign, was directed by veteran director Kristófer Dignus and shot and produced by cinematographer Karl R. Lilliendahl for 365 media and agency PIPAR\TBWA.

Nice, innit?

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Hófí - It Has To Be You

Sometimes we write songs for commercials that want to have their own life outside of their campaigns. Turns out 'It Has To Be You' is one of those tracks.  

Originally written for .:this campaign:. for Kristall sparkling water, it soon became clear that people wanted more of Hófí's singing. E-mails started arriving from people wanting to know where they could find a full version of the song. And who are we to deny them?

Back to the studio we went, and here it is: You can download it for free on Soundcloud, or get a zipped mp3 file simply by pressing .:this link:. You can also find it on your favorite streaming services like Spotify and on Youtube. If you want the lyrics and full credits, press .:here:.

Having said that, let's dance!

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Success for music produced by Arnar

In 2013, Arnar (far left, holding a newly acquired award) produced and mixed an album for talented new Icelandic band Kaleo. The product of this labour, debut album Kaleo, was released in december to great acclaim and good sales.

As the award season begins, things are looking good. Kaleo already got 'Best newcomers' at the Icelandic Music Awards, and no less than 3 awards at the Bylgjan Radio Music Awards, Best Newcomers, Best New Album, and Best  Singer. You can see their performance at that award ceremony .:here:.

It's worth mentioning that Arnar also produced and mixed the winning Icelandic entry in the 2014 ESC competition, No Prejudice, which you can enjoy .:here:. 

In addition to album production for other bands and commercials with us, Arnar is now working on his first solo album, the exciting details of which will soon be revealed here. Onwards and upwards!

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New trailer for 'Life in a Fishbowl'

May sees the Icelandic opening of
Vonarstræti (e. Life in a Fishbowl), director Baldvin Z's second feature film, produced by Kisi Production. 

Life in a Fishbowl tells the tale of three very different people who have a lasting effect on one another, a writer drinking himself to death, a young single mom that works at a nursery school but turns tricks on the side to make ends meet, and a former professional soccer player that climbs up the totem pole in the world of banking while his family life crumbles beneath him.

The film will be scored by Ólafur Arnalds, but Don Pedro wrote the music to the main theatrical trailer, and sound design and mix for both theater and stereo release was in the capable hands of Addi 800. And here it is:

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One drink is one too many

directors Samuel & Gunnar just finished directing this powerful spot against drunk driving for agency Hvíta Húsið and their clients
The Icelandic Road Traffic Directorate (Samgöngustofa) and alcohol retail chain Vínbúðin.  

A recent poll shows that 1 out of every 3 Icelanders thought it was all right to drive after one drink, which is a cause for great concern. We really should know better.  

Ólafur Arnalds and Don Pedro joined hands to make a version of Irving Berlin's classic song Cheek to cheek to fit the film, from Ólafur's delicate string arrangements to final sound design. They then got Hjaltalin 
songstress Sigríður Thorlacius to lend her lovely voice to the whole thing. 

We think the message gets across quite powerfully, don't you?

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Say hello to Ólafur Arnalds!

Ólafur Arnalds
We're very happy to announce a partnership with a great Icelandic composer and producer, Ólafur Arnalds.

Ólafur is a prolific multi instrumentalist and BAFTA awarded composer that has released 3 full albums and several EPs, toured the world, and written music for major motion pictures, TV shows and commercials. 

He has his lovely studio in the same complex that houses the Medialux Global Headquarters™. We all became friends very quickly, and he has since taken on several advertising projects with us, all of which we are very proud of. 

So you understand why we are excited about this. Go on, .:check out his profile:., and click on the links, it's all good.

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We help win a prestigious award. Nice.

A couple of weeks ago, our long-time clients over at H:N won a very important award, Lúðurinn, the Icelandic advertising award, for best campaign results. Apart from winning this award, the campaign was nominated as best campaign as well.

Now, a
s awards go, the campaign result award is quite important, because if there is anything clients like, it's results. 

The award was for .:this campaign:. which was largely built around music that we made for it. So we feel that we own a piece of it. At least enough to brag about it here. And post a photo of it. (It's the one on the right) Nice, innit?

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Addi 800 - New Homepage

Addi 800
Check it out, our longtime collaborator and friend Addi 800 has a new homepage!

You can check it out by firmly prodding your pointing device of choice .:right here:. It goes without saying that we think you should.

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New stuff from Gísli Galdur

You have probably been wondering what is new in the world of Gísli Galdur. Well, luckily, we have some answers for you. Gísli has been furthering his craft in Copenhagen, where he is studying engineering and production at one of the best schools North-Europe has to offer. 

But that doesn't mean he isn't doing music as well. Lately he has contributed to some great work like this feature that Narvi Creative did for Bast Magazine:

As well as these two spots for Aqua d'or for Thank You Studios:

Remember to check out Gísli's .:profile:. as well as his .:Facebook page:.

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Milk - it's good for you

We just composed and produced music to this rather gorgeous animated spot for Icelandic milk for MS Icelandic Dairies.

Our friends over at animation studio Sitrus gave life to the beautiful chalk designs of Dana Tanamachi, who specializes in hand-lettering and custom typography. The project was commissioned and masterminded by agency ENNEMM.

Don Pedro wrote the music and renowned actor and singer Jóhann Sigurðarson lent his deep and distinguished voice to lyrics written by ENNEMM's copywriter Þórdís Helgadóttir. This is one of two spots, number two is soon to follow.

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Smáralind Shopping Mall - Have Fun!

Smáralind is Iceland's largest shopping mall, with over 100 shops and businesses. They recently went trough substantial rebranding, designed and lead by their agency, Íslenska

Part of that rebranding was this TV commercial directed by Republik director Lalli Jónsson. Don Pedro composed the track and sound designed the spot as well. Góða skemmtun!

Here you can enjoy the music without voice-over:

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Ergo - Long since I Have Felt This Good

Buying a new car is wonderful. That's why Ergo Financing choose Eberg's Long Since I Have Felt This Good for their new TV campaign.

The spot, masterminded by agency Ennemm and directed by Pegasus director Reynir Lyngdal, underlines in no uncertain way that nothing can take away the pleasure of buying a new car, which happens to be the tagline of the ad as well, for those of you that don't speak Icelandish. 

Now, to celebrate this, you can listen to the full track on Soundcloud, where you can even download it for absolutely free.

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