Coca-Cola® U21 - Epic Soccer Music Please?

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Coca-Cola® proudly support the Icelandic national soccer team for the upcoming Under-21 European Football Championship.

As this was in no way intended to be a secret, Agency Vatikanið conceived a campaign featuring our most promising players in their natural habitat. The ad was directed by Hannes Thor, and produced by Smalinn&Sons.

We got the challenge to produce an epic football song, stadium style. Arnar took on the job, and delivered a song we have been chanting in the corridors since.

We then got the opportunity to sound design the spot as well, putting a lot of effort into letting sound design and music complement each other for a truly 'big' soundtrack. Not minimalistic work, this.

Now, we do this for a living, but there is something a little special about getting your work approved by one of the biggest brands in the world, when you are a small company In Iceland. And we think the spot turned out very nicely, don't you?

Speaking of Gísli Galdur...

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As mentioned here, Gísli Galdur is already working with us on new projects, but as they are still some time away from being aired, we wanted to show you a great video in the meantime.

Gísli composed this track for Design March 2011. Director was Ragnar Agnarsson for Sagafilm. A great example of music and film working together, if you ask us...

Addi800 mixes The Jan Holberg Project

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After many years as a successful session bass player, Jan Holberg decided it was high time to start writing and producing his own music. The Jan Holberg Project was born.

Jan recruited top musicians he admired for collaboration, his dream team included Joe Lynn Turner (of Rainbow, Deep Purple and Malmsteen fame), Mezzoforte drummer Gulli Briem, and keyboardist Eyþór Gunnarsson, as well as guitarist Skjalg Mikaelsen Raaen.

Sense Of Time was released on March 28th, and the Jan Holberg Project are touring Norway live as this is written.

This is brought to your attention for a particular reason, namely that the album was mixed by our own Addi 800, and mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering.

A quick google search found us a pleasant quote regarding the mix from this review: "After having listened to the album a first time, I was knocked down by the perfect sound, something that is absolutely necessary for this kind of soft rock albums". We couldn't agree more :-)

Here is a link to the album on iTunes

We welcome Gísli Galdur to our team!

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We are very happy to announce that Gísli Galdur has now joined our team of producers.

Gísli has a very serious track record despite his young age, has worked with many of Icelands most important artists and played hundreds of concerts and dj gigs around the globe.

Not only that, he is a genuinely nice guy, who is a real pleasure to work with, something we feel is terribly important.

Gísli is already involved in new Medialux projects, and we look forward to a long and prosperous collaboration.

What are you waiting for, go and check out his stuff!

Toggi - 'Let Them Bleed' - Free Download

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It's not hard for anyone living in Iceland to understand where the inspiration for 'Let Them Bleed' came from.

Our super-overextended banking system, run and fuelled by the greed and debt of a handful of billionaires exploded, leaving the Icelandic state with enormous debts for future generations.

Immediately afterwards our government was overthrown following mass street protests. In other words, interesting times, as the Chinese curse would have it.

Here, as in the rest of the world, the greedy banksters that caused this global crash are all still rich, still walking free among us, while normal people are enslaved by their actions. And while the title of the song is not to be taken literally, people around the world are calling out for justice for those who gamble with their futures. The Banksters.

.:Click here to download the song (zipped hi-res mp3 and artwork) for free:.

:.Click here to read the lyrics:.

As before, the only thing we ask you in return to share this page and help us spread the word, using all social media tools available to you. 

Let Them Bleed can be found on Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets'. Please check out the album here and buy it if you like it:

We also have some CDs left that you can buy directly from the artist, signed if you want. You will also get the full download, of course. Send us an .:e-mail here:. and we'll sort you out. 

Listen to The Artist, Wonderful, Silly Old Song , Take Me Dancing and I Built This House by pressing your pointing device of choice upon the song titles. We even have a full version if Toggi's debut album 'Puppy' for free and easy listening.


Arnar - New music for VÍB Investment Service

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Directors Samuel & Gunnar recently signed with Truenorth Productions for advertising work here in Iceland. 

One of their first projects there were the following 3 spots for VÍB Investment Service for agency Hvíta Húsið.

They commisioned Arnar to compose the music track to the ads. This is not their first collaboration, as Arnar produced and performed the score for .:this award winning spot for the directing duo.

And here is the result this time around, we like it a lot, but we are rather partial, so you have to judge for yourselves: