Toggi's 'The Artist' is here. Come get it

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Well, It's been a while since we released a new Toggi single.

All songs for the new album are now ready, and most of them have been recorded, ready for overdubs and final production. And while you eagerly wait for the album, we thought you might like to get your hands on the new single for free. So without further ado:

Click .:here:. to download zipped hi-res mp3 with artwork and lyrics for free.

Lyrics can also be viewed .:here:.

It goes without saying that if you like the song you should not keep it to yourself. That would be selfish. Please use all social media tools available to you to spread the gospel. And please join Toggi on Facebook, but avoid his MySpace site because MySpace sucks. As for Twitter, there is always .:this:. 

Take Me Dancing can be found on Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets' with full credits and lyrics. Please check out the album here and buy it if you like it:  


Eberg - 3 nominations for IMA

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Tonight the Icelandic music business celebrates the music achievements of 2009 on television with live music, awards and impressive hairdos. Yep, it's time for The 2010 Icelandic Music Awards.

You might remember that this time last year Toggi and Bjarki snatched the 'Best Song' award, but tonight we are keeping all available body parts crossed for Einar Tönsberg, or Eberg. And we have a good reason to, as he is nominated for 3 important awards.

Feldberg's 'Don't be a stranger' is nominated for Pop album of the Year, 'Dreamin' is nominated for Song of the Year, and Einar himself is nominated as Composer of the Year for his work with Feldberg and Eberg. Not too shabby.

This is a good opportunity to nudge you gently towards, Eberg's FB Fan Page, Feldberg's FB Fan Page and the relative MySpace sites of Eberg and Feldberg. That should keep you busy for a while.

Bjarki remixes March On! for Worm is Green

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From your frequent visits here, you should know who Bjarki is by now. What you might not know about him is that at night he dresses up in fancy vintage synthesizers and becomes Northern Lights Orchestra, or NLO.

Bjarki just finished an NLO remix of Worm Is Green's single March On! for an EP containing the original song, 2 b-sides and remixes by The Esoteric Gender, Futuregrapher and Roger O'Donnell (Roger played keyboards in a little known but promising band called The Cure) and of course NLO.

By now of course, you must be curious to hear what it sounds like:

Like it? You can check out the other remixes and purchase the March On! EP here, and the full album 'Glow' here.

Icelandic Ad Awards nominations are in!

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Nominations for the 2009 Icelandic Advertising Awards or "Lúðurinn" (as we of course call them) are in.

We are happy to have contributed work to four of the nominated projects, and will of course use this opportunity to brag here on the interwebs, so you think we are really cool, and want to work with us. And as always, we hurry to do this while they are still nominations, because 2009 was a good year in advertising in Iceland, and all this work has strong contenders.

Nominated for best TV ad, and best campaign, is Netvarinn for Siminn. The TV ad was directed by SagaFilm's Samuel and Gunnar for agency ENNEMM.

Arnar produced and performed the classic track with great results. You can check out full details here:

Nominated for best work in open catagory is a song, Suzy Thunder's BIG, which we produced for Vodafone and their agency Fíton. More details about the campaign and TV ad here.

The song did well in Icelandic charts and got good airplay, we are still giving it away here, where it has been downloaded over 20.000 times now. YouTube plays are up to almost the same number. We did club remixes as well, and gave them away here. The song hit the youth market spot on, and is still being played in clubs and discos, adding great value to the campaign for Vodafone.

Suzy Thunder - BIG

We also did the sound design for this campaign for Filmus Productions, Hvíta Húsið, Umferðarstofa and VÍS insurance:

The spots, aimed at getting people to buckle up, were directed by Guðjón Jónsson. It is nominated in a category for public service commercials.

Finally we produced a radio ad "Kattskar", a clever script nominated for best radio work, for IKEA and their agency Íslenska. All in all, a good start to the day, actually.

Eberg and Don Pedro join forces for Metro

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More recent work for you: Metro, a brand new fast food chain, opened their doors with big fanfare in the last quarter of 2009. They needed a catchy and lively song for their radio and TV campaigns. Who you gonna call?

Don Pedro and Eberg joined forces and wrote and recorded "Feels like heaven". And now it can be heard all over the place. And here, of course:

10-11. It's open. All the time. Really.

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Time to put up some more work and catch up on this site so that you don't think we are locked up in the studio listening to great saxophone records all day long (trust us, we aren't).

Anyway. Here is a project we enjoyed working on. Arni Thor Jonsson @ Republik Film Productions directed this clever commercial for convenience store chain 10-11 and ad agency Vatikanid. The ad, well received locally,  will be featured in the next edition of Shots magazine - which guarantees that it will be copied in all continents before the end of 2010.

Eberg composed and produced the music, and to be absolutely sure that the spot would sound gorgeous, all audio post production and sound design was taken care of in-house as well.