What Up?

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Arnar just finished a track for Sean Ellis's upcoming film, Broken. As the film is not released yet, we will be slightly killed if we preview it here now, so more on that later.

Eberg teamed up with Bang Gang's Bardi, and together they scored Drama series The Press. The first episode has just aired, and we are awaiting material to show you here.

Together they also wrote and produced the theme song for Unholy Night, an exiting short film that premiered just before christmas, and rightly so, as it shows us what happens when santa goes seriously bad.

Poster says it all, really...

Heart in Line for Re/Max spot

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Production house Spark just completed a 60 second spot for real estate giant Re/Max. It was aired in Iceland's most valuable screen slot, during the state television new year's entertainment program, estimated to have a whopping 93-96% of Iceland's population in front of it.

Veteran director Gulli Maggi chose Toggi's "Heart in Line" from his debut album Puppy for the spot, which can be seen below, or here if you want a bigger file with better resolution. Because you deserve it.

We're open!

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Yep, today we finally open up our digital doors to you. A year long buildup phase is over, the studios are ready, the artists are ready, and now the website as well.

Ribbons have been cut, now have a look around and see if we can be of service to you. And please come back, because this place will update frequently. 2 great artists have just joined our ranks, and their work will be displayed here soon. This is only the beginning, follow us from the start...

Peace, love and good music to you all...


On the Rhodes again

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Now for some Gear Porn.

By sheer luck we met Mezzoforte's keyboardist Eythor Gunnarson at the studio (if you don't know his work, check it out!) and he told us that Iceland was to be visited by one of the most knowledgeable Rhodes specialist in this part of the galaxy.

We have a 30 year old Rhodes in the studio that belongs to Bjarki, and jumped on the opportunity to get Frederik "Freddan" Adlers to show it some love.

The results are stunning. Of course electro-mechanical instruments need proper care and loving, but it has to be said that this was like getting a new instrument out of the box.

Here is a link to Freddan's Rhodes Service Center. He gets our full recommendation. Not only because he is a wizard, but also because he is a very, very likable guy.


Trident Trimix in da house!

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Yep, it's here. We recently purchased a frame af 16 channels of Trident Trimix. We actually got some more channels, but we will be keeping those as spares. Fabulous EQ. Nice color. We like our analog front-end, so we're ecstatic with this little puppy.

The duties of this newest member of our family will range from the fattening and EQ-carving of soft-synths and loops to functioning as 16 channels of rather colored preamps and EQ. In some cases we will be using only the EQ.

Long live vintage gear!
Trident Trimix