Let's dance to BIG!

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You should be dancing. And now you have no reason not to. Here is Suzy Thunder's BIG.

You can read about how the whole thing started with this campaign, or you can start dancing right away, the full radio version of the song is now available here for your listening pleasure. And yes, it's free for now. We know you like that.

Download your very own very free copy by clicking here (zipped high resolution mp3) 

Lyrics can be found .:here:.

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Vodafone team up with Medialux - Big Time

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Vodafone just launched a new summer campaign for prepaid services, aimed at younger users, and masterminded by their agency Fíton.

This visually stunning commercial, directed by Reynir Lyngdal for Pegasus Productions, needed a fun and catchy dance track that would make even the most reluctant hips swing to the beat. 

Enter Sigga Þóra, who lent her vocals to BIG, a song written and produced by our own Don Pedro. Here is the result:

As soon as the campaign aired it was clear that there was a great demand for a full version of the song. So they went back to the studio and finished what they started, with help in the form of additional analogue synth tinkering by Bjarki.

Suzy Thunder was born, and BIG was made available to the dancing public :-)

Here you can listen to the full version of the song. Go ahead and dance, you know you want to:


The Feldberg Connection

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Remember this song for Kringlan Shopping Mall?

Well, as some of you might know, it turned out to be a very popular single, which has now been released in 2 languages.

It didn't take long for Eberg and vocalist Rosa to join forces again, this time for a Nova Telecom spot, directed By Arni Jonsson for Republik and agency Dagur&Steini.

The inevitable happened. Feldberg was born.

The pressure to release the song as a single soon became enormous, and when this is written 'Don't be a stranger' has stayed for 4 weeks on the top 10 list, with now real signs of being on it's way out anytime soon.

Check out the commercial, and you will understand why. Very catchy indeed. This is one of the many happy collaborations where a commercial gives a song it's wings so that it can take off itself.

You can buy the full song .:here:. And yes, Feldberg are now working on a studio album, of which you will of course receive more news here.

Jobim classic for Landsbankinn

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When ENNEMM got the challenge to come up with a new campaign for Landsbankinn, they decided to focus on the bank's staff at your service. Directing duo Samuel & Gunnar shot a TV spot around the country in various branches of the bank. Which is where we come in.

When it came to music, the creative team opted for a low key and intimate local version of Águas de Março (Waters of March) by the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim. Don Pedro produced and performed the track to specifications and got vocalist Mr. Silla to lend her lovely voice to it.

The result can be seen here, and under the movie file you can enjoy the track itself in higher resolution and without sound effects.

Leaves 'We are Shadows' - free download

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Leaves have a release date for their upcoming album 'We are Shadows' in Iceland, the 11th of May. 'We are Shadows' is their 3rd studio album, and it's a great album. If you are lucky enough to live in Iceland, you can see them play their new material at Sódóma Reykjavík tomorrow night.

Either way, we offer you a free download of the title song, because you are worth it...

Listen here:

Or click to download your free copy .:here:.

Leaves Fan Page on Facebook

Eberg releases Antidote in Iceland

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After it's initial launch in Japan, today marks the release of Eberg's new album 'Antidote' in Iceland.

The first music review is in the house, decorated with 4 full stars, a promising start. There is still a free download for you .:here:. if you hurry. Further international releases are planned, and we will of course update you here.

You can buy the album on-line .:here:. 

Eberg's Fan page on Facebook can be found .:here:.