Birth of a Song

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It can be fun to see what happens in the process of finding the right production for a song. Going trough files for backups and listening to the various versions of a song that was written, produced and recorded at our facilities, we got the idea of sharing an example of this process.

Let's call it a little "behind the scenes", if you will.

Client is Pall Oskar. Flamboyant dance icon in Iceland. He is looking for honest and catchy dance songs for his solo album. He asks for simplicity, and the production has to match other songs already made with another producer, or at least not stray completely away from that sound. He asks Toggi and Bjarki to team up and write and produce 2 songs for him.

Toggi writes a song, and sings a scratch vocal to it in The Wömb, our studio. Please note that the lyrics are something mostly made up on the spot, and remember that in all cases you are listening to unfinished work copies that we have not polished for you.

Now Bjarki goes to work, putting down the basic programming to make a dance song out of it, still using Toggi's scratch vocal...

Now Pall Oskar comes in and sings a scratch.

We often throw projects between us for inspiration. Don Pedro makes an alternative version. That version does not fit the overall feel of the album and is scrapped, but certain vocal and programming elements are merged with the original version.

Bjarki finishes the song with Pall Oskar, records the final vocal takes and sends to Addi800 for mixing. Here is the final result:

Story goes on. Hjaltalín, a very up and coming Icelandic band decide to record their own version of the song. It gains immediate popularity:

Next up is Retro Stefson, who do an impromtu cover of the song and release on YouTube:

Another incarnation of the song is 35 second acoustic version performed by Pall Oskar himself and produced by Don Pedro for Byr Savings Bank.

And finally, a classical version performed by Palli himself with harpist Monika Abendroth:
There are literally endless possibilities to how you can perform and produce a song. But the song is the core of every production, and it should shine trough it, no matter what style you put on it.